Wealth is not about making money. Wealth is about abundance, and money could be a part of it. Wealth of knowledge… Wealth of time… Wealth of relationships… these are all meaningful phrases and this is about them.

Making money is a by-product of wealth creation. In fact, making money is not holistic success anyway, because I’m sure you know people who have made money and burned it all on doctors or lawyers or in the markets. Why does that happen? Because their money comes without an alignment with nature . Because their oneness is only with one part of wealth.

So again, you see wealth is pretty accommodating. But it is useful only when the balance with nature is achieved. And the being operates in ‘abundance’.

A nice way to understand abundance is to think of a world where everything is abundant… possibly on a different planet. Can you see that in your mind? Visualize it well… who all do you have living there (most likely not everyone you know!); what cars and homes are yours; how are you spending time as a family… Have you captured the images?

Now think of yourself in a spaceship and you have a knob in front of you which looks much like a radio knob. Ok? Now you have a choice, to tune the knob at the earth frequency or to tune into the abundant planet’s frequency. Accordingly your spaceship will land. What are you choosing?

If you chose earth, some security issues are pulling you back and you may find a solution in Reiki or meditation.

If you chose the abundant planet, you must know, that all around you, you can manifest exactly that because we each live in a microcosm of our own making.

Net net, oneness with wealth really is as simple as the frequency you choose. And there are just 2 steps to adjust yourself to this.

  • Understand the economy
  • Understand your inner self

The economy

Why it is important to understand the economy is because the economy generates money and though money may not be important, it certainly drives everything that is important… like our relationships, time for our passions, health etc.

Tuning into abundance calls for taking a few conscious decisions to do things others may not do… to have what others will not have. So let us look at how money flows in the economy. A snappy 8-minute film:

Now, if the direct-to-consumer model makes sense to you, here’s the genius of opportunity. Even though you can not become a manufacturer or wholesaler or retailer alongside doing whatever you are doing, you can still benefit from the new economy just by being a consumer. And benefit hugely more by learning the B-quadrant principles that help you build pipelines of consumers. And as long as products are consumed, money will flow, through an asset that YOU create with just a different quadrant of knowledge!

This friends, in a nutshell, is all network marketing is about. A common-sense approach to life. The surest way to succeed in it is through new education and association. And this can be your spring-board for 360-degree success.

Your Inner Self

So with this you know all the logic behind how you can tap into abundance that exists all around you. How you can invent your own economy – recession-free, inflation-linked, and willable. What remains is Why. Why would you take the small steps to learn something your peers don’t know?

Your desire to pursue oneness of nature, wealth and empowerment must be strong. Some of the reasons you defined in your ‘definition of success’ need to be revisited at this point. Once your subconscious starts remembering them, adopting new habits will be a breeze… and you will be on your way!

As part of my coaching series, we play games and do stuff that increases what is called ‘money consciousness’ for you. The fact is, once the crucible (mind) is strong, you can pour anything (any amount of money) into it. If you pour boiling water into a plastic bottle, you’re causing harm all over, right?

Speaking of water, in energy terms, money is water. Water finds its own level. So do you, in whatever society you choose to be. Water leaks. So does money. Study your relationship with water (I mean really ponder over it) and you may resolve some money issues magically. Love to see your comments on this!

Moving on, what would supplement your subconscious development will be some work on your energy centers ( chakras ). These are what govern you at the spiritual level and often if you are able to crack yourself away from a control by a particular chakra that’s holding you victim, you release yourself to a new state… and eventually to one of abundance.

This is the process that leads to enlightenment and nirvana… it all connects up upstream, doesn’t it?